We change impossibilities into posibilities

Whow We Are

Khalifa Dankadai & Co. is a company that has a long-term vision of developing Nigeria youth/women through the tested and  proven formula that has helped Asia and Latin American countries (that were at the same level of development with Nigeria only three decades ago) to grow their economies and attain sustainable development. The tested proven formula that has been able to pose itself as a powerful solution to our national problem (attachment and adherence to our dated mindset and sub-optimal traditions) is entrepreneurship development; which involves development of human capacity, hence the need for understanding culture and cultural change in line with global good practices while not losing sight of local dynamics.


Core Value

Our Team

Khalifa Mustapha Dankadai

Serial Entreprenuer

AbdulHalim Sunusi

Business Information Technologist

Deen Saad Deen

Social Entreprenuer

Muhsin Shafiq Mufti

Electrical Engineer