Environmental Pollution

Author KDC's Research, Creation & Innovation Management (RCIM) team

An environment can be defined as a habitat or condition in which a person, animal, or plant lives in. Hence, environmental pollution can be described as the introduction of a substance that has contaminating or harmful effect that can make the environment unconducive to the habitants. It can also be described as the damage a natural environment causes itself while getting rid of poisonous elements. In this article, we are going to discuss 3 types of pollutions which causes more harm to the habitants of an environment because they need these elements to survive, which are; air, water and soil pollution.

Industries are one of the elements that play a vital role in polluting the environment. It does not just pollute the land, but sea and air as well. Let’s take the example of the oil and gas factories, when gas leaks and goes into the sea, fish will not survive, and it also pollutes the air in the sense that there will be no fresh air for people to breathe, which could cause a lot of toxins in the human body, leading to various diseases.

Agricultural activities, even though one of the most important endeavours of humans as well as animals to survive, also plays a crucial role in bringing harm to humans by polluting the water and environment in general. Pesticides are used in farms to stop animals and insects from destroying the plants and these pesticides are made up of chemical substances; however, it pollutes the water once it reaches the sea, or river. In addition, pesticides on the crops may last along time; hence, could cause life threatening diseases to the consumers.

Residences are also factors of environmental pollution in the sense that the natural environment such as trees have to be gotten rid of before houses can be built, and animals will also be chased away. Finally, once people settle in the homes, they create wastes everyday that cannot be gotten rid of by the natural environment.

Getting rid of environmental pollution is not as easy as it may sound and has been a topic for debate or even almost impossible in the sense that most of the things that cause pollution are also highly important, but can be reduced at a larger rate. For example, people cannot live without residences, and due to modern technology, houses need to be constructed in a certain way even though the natural environment is being destroyed. Thus, the destruction of plants and chasing away of animals can be reduced by leaving some parts of the land in its natural condition.

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