Who is a Social Entrepreneur and How to Improving Service Delivery as a Social Entrepreneur

Author Rahma Muhammed Kaboji & Ahmad Adam

Social entrepreneurship can be understood as the entrepreneurial zeal that drives social innovation and transformation in various fields such as health, education, environment, enterprise development, etc. Social entrepreneurs push the barriers of culture and conservatism that obscure human capacity to drive change by building tremendous and sustainable organisations that are either not-for-profit or  for-profit companies.

Social entrepreneurs must focus on their aims, goals, and objectives by delivering services proficiently in the society and also obtaining top slots in the competitive market. There are areas of service delivery in which a social entrepreneur needs to improve so as to avoid winding up the business whether for profit making or non-profit making enterprise. These areas are branding, communication, collaboration, productivity, personality, innovation, sustainable development, and many more.


This is the focal point of every business; it signifies the distinct products, services and the solutions you intend to provide to the challenges that confront the society. Branding is vital in any business setup as it helps you to reach out to larger target audience or beneficiaries when you present your business idea distinctively from other competitors. Social enterprise should stand out of the crowd and have a positive impact in the society.


Information is a potential asset in any organization; it is the link that bolsters both the service providers and the clients. When social entrepreneurs disseminate adequate information about their businesses to their clients or beneficiaries, it helps them understand the client's needs and how they can meet these needs, better and efficiently.

Also, upgrading your organisation's means of communication with trending, tested media platforms (Internet, social media, website, and  social networking) will poise to deliver your services to the society at a broader range, and increase your patronage base.


The level of your productivity as a social entrepreneur has a significant impact on the enterprise; it increases the level of your activities by being more service oriented and willing to render services effectively to your beneficiaries without any constraint. Your efficiency level will make you a decisive competitor in your area of expertise. Efficiency should be part and parcel of every social entrepreneur, as it will motivate you to revamp most societal challenges in your community.


Your charisma should not be left out as it defines your enterprise to the society. You are the ambassador of the enterprise, so anything you do also affects the business. Your personality tells the society 'WHO' your business is, 'WHAT' it does, does it dissent from the norms, opinions and beliefs of the community you are operating or it concurs with their needs?

Lately, people do not take social entrepreneurs serious like before due to those who have bastardized the system with lack of integrity and irresponsibility. You need to have a personality that speaks truth and a desire to be held accountable and this would result to a mutual satisfaction between you and your beneficiaries or customers.

Ability to Create Sustainable Change

We all agree change is constant for development, change in a society is only realized when it meets with the right people and is backed up by a tangible action. Enterprises that are dedicated to being socially responsible from their inception tend to bring up ideas or projects to solve problems and also maintain the procedure of such problem solution without going down the drains after few months or few days. Social entrepreneurs should create change which will last long.


Entrepreneurs are innovative in nature; always thinking of ideas or new activities that will make them grow. To be successful as a social entrepreneur, you need to use new ideas, inventions, methods, and approaches in overcoming challenges in the community. To meet up with the competition in the business and also become competent in service delivery, entrepreneurial innovation should be your target always.

Collaboration and Social Networking

Collaboration is the new trend, when you work together with other social entrepreneurs with the same objectives like yours, it tries to avoid replication of similar objectives with other organizations and it yields better service delivery.

Social networking on the other side introduces you to various ventures, groups or people far and wide who are working towards providing services in different fields and this can link you up with the right partners and collaborators who are also willing to achieve success in what they do, just like you.

You may have heard the saying, “Give a man a fish, and he can eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime" I would argue, “Give a man the tools and resources to create a fishing business, and his whole village can thrive for generations" That is the main idea behind social entrepreneurship.

In conclusion, social entrepreneur is a visionary leader with an intrinsic purpose of having: clear focus on the social and ecological value creation & tries to optimize the financial value creation.

  • Innovation is the key building blocks of social entrepreneurs as they always have interest in identifying some of the societal problems with the intention of coming up with a contemporary solution.
  • Social entrepreneur continuously refines and adapt changes as they receive new information, without relenting to improve on their practices.
  • They achieve large scale, systematic & sustainable social change through a new invention and rigorous application of known technologies or strategies.

Lastly, Social entrepreneurship is about applying practical, innovative and sustainable approaches to benefit society in general, with emphasis on those who are marginalized and poor. It is this approach that sets social entrepreneurs apart from the rest of the crowd. They are people and organization who dedicate their lives to social improvement.   


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    Fri 29th Jun, 2018

    This is insightful and expository. Thank you Author Rahma Muhammed Kaboji & Ahmad Adam.

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