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Fascinated by your response to my previous article on this blog titled “turning your passion into a profession part 1”, I feel obliged to not only deliver on my last week’s promise (which is to discuss the practical steps in turning your passion into a profession) timely, but also to give it my best.

Practical steps in turning your passion into a profession 

  1. Clear vision: the first step in turning your passion into a profession is having a clear vision of what value offering (product or service) has your passion driven you toward, what specific skills set you need to acquire to turn your passion into a profession, how long it will take to acquire those skills, where will you acquire the skills & how. For example; I am, personally very passionate about effective communication (especially speaking & writing), thus I had to make it clear to myself that I am going into public speaking (value offering) after acquiring public speaking skills (specific skills set) from public speaking classes & lots of books (where to get the skills and how) for at least ten 10 months (how long it takes).
  2. Study Alex Osterwalder’s business model canvass and develop your business model afterwards. You can study the canvass online (kindly find link below) or you can simply join our entreLEADchange intimate classes at KDC (visit for details or contact us Alex Osterwalder
  3. Keep the passion alive: Once your business gets going, you can become mired in the daily tasks of running a company and watch your original excitement dry up. Keep your passion alive by staying involved in the aspects you love most. Spending too much time on repetitive tasks you can delegate to others will ultimately dampen your enthusiasm and end up burning you out. Remember the elements you loved most at the start of your business, such as getting people’s attention & getting applauds & standing ovations while speaking (in my case), and make a conscious effort to include at least some of those activities in your ongoing role. Otherwise, your work will turn into a form of drudgery that may kill your passion for the original hobby.
  4. Prioritize fun: Naturally, entrepreneurs who start businesses based on their interests find their business to be fun, but keeping it fun takes a bit of work. There's a palpable difference between companies that have a culture led by a truly passionate entrepreneur and those that use passion and fun as sales and recruiting gimmicks. In the authentically passionate companies, everything grows from that passion, including the people, policies, branding and community relations. That obsessive focus on whatever it is that gets you out of bed can't be faked, but it takes work to create the circumstances under which it can thrive. Maintaining primacy of mission and having the strength to stay on course and avoid distractions is critical.
  5. Practice for 10,000 hours: The only way to build your skills is gradually over time. Take Malcolm Gladwell’s advice: Practice your passion for 10,000 hours to become a master, and request feedback from mentors to ensure you’re doing it right.

I hope you find this piece useful. Next weekend, we shall discuss startup funding. Have an eventful week.




  • Abdulhalim Sanusi
    Mon 21st Mar, 2016

    Another interesting stuff. I like it that way my boss. keep going...

  • Mufeedah
    Mon 21st Mar, 2016

    keep making us proud BOSS!

  • Umar Amir Abdullahi
    Mon 21st Mar, 2016

    I really like this piece. It's short and on point. Keep up the good work.

  • saadatu Ilu
    Mon 21st Mar, 2016

    Khalifa this is brilliant but I think most ppl that can benefit from ur work are my local and middle class ppl esp from the north. If only you can project in the language they will understand, ie Hausa, then you will achieve a lot and the impact will be more and I bet you more benefit will come out of it. I've hard so much abt ur work and I'm v proud of you. Kudus to you Khalifa.

  • Khalifa Dankadai
    Tue 22nd Mar, 2016

    Thank you guys! Thank you Saadatu will definitely work on the translated version. Thank you for your insightful input

  • Muhammad jameel
    Tue 22nd Mar, 2016

    I'm really proud of u keep it up cos i knew one day the world wil be proud of u.

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