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United Nations is an organization founded in 1945 that consists of 192 member nations where the problems of the member countries are solved in a peaceful manner. The organization was created primarily to ensure peace after the episode of the world war 2 so as to prevent world war 3 from occurring even though due to globalization and the expansion of the international system, its objectives has broadened to include activities such as humanitarian (UNICEF), economic, and cultural (UNESCO). So far there have been great achievements by the organization such as saving the Egyptian pyramids, eliminating smallpox, protecting the ozone, helping save the lives of 90 million children, promoting arms control, development programs, etc. A UN’s cultural agency (UNESCO) had to visit Egypt in 1995 in a mission to meet the government officials to reroute the highway they were working on as it threatens the architectural location of the pyramid and its ancient structures which they successfully did.

The world health organization led a global immunization campaign for 13 years to get rid of small pox which it successfully accomplished as it declared the disease extinct. In 1987, a conference was sponsored by the UN environment program where 24 countries vowed to take measures against the weakening of the ozone layer after which the group created the Montreal protocol (a treaty to reduce the discharge of chlorofluorocarbons). UNICEF, which is a UN agency that was created in 1946 works for the rights of children and has been one of UN’s success stories as it has won a Nobel peace prize less than two years after its creation. It has saved over 90 million children since 1990. UN being created with objectives of promoting non violence by means of nuclear weapons has been successful in promoting arms control.

Under the United Nations’ development program, the UN has been helping to support small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) and organizations that support SMEs in developing countries. Since its creation, the UN has done very well in achieving its goals of creating peace between member nations and helping its member countries. It has also gone beyond its primary objectives since its creation to broadening it due to the expansion of the international system and making sure that every problem of their member nations has been taken care of.

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