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Tourism is the act of leaving your home country, state or community to another destination for the purpose of relaxation and exploration for not more than a year. It could be for the purpose of business, vacation, or visit to family and friends. There are also several types of tourism which includes domestic, inbound, and outbound tourism. Domestic tourism has to do with people of a particular country, travelling to states within their home country for the purpose of tourism. Whereas, inbound tourism is when people of other countries give a visit to your home country for a purpose, and lastly outbound tourism is when you visit a country that is not yours.

Tourism is highly important for the community that is seen as a tourist destination as well as the entire country. In the sense that it improves the economy of the country, becomes source of generating income, development of infrastructure, and preserving the community’s cultural heritage. Once a country has been declared or seen as a tourist destination, it will attract tourists from other countries that will bring in their currencies (foreign currency) to shop and spend in the host country which helps the economy to progress.

Due to the fact that tourists visit places for sightseeing, entertainment, and shopping, it benefits both the government and the public. There is an indirect tax on every good or product sold; therefore, making it a source of acquiring revenue for the government. It also decreases the level of unemployment in the country due to the fact that more businesses will be built as there is a higher opportunity for businesses to succeed in a country that has so many tourists than a country that doesn’t.

Making a tourist destination beautiful with modern infrastructure is one of the leading marketing tool used by countries to attract more tourists. Therefore; the living standard of the country will improve and good roads, electricity and airports will be made to look better. One of the things that make a country popular is the fact that foreigners would like to experience different cultures which is one of the reasons why most people travel. Therefore, the communities are obliged to preserve their culture and that will also make the culture and tradition of the community to be recognised internationally. Let’s take the example of the Italian cuisine. Nowadays, almost every country you visit has an Italian restaurant or food, and their foods such as; Pizza and Lasagna are quite popular around the world.

In the end, tourism is in the best interest of the host community or country and goes a long way to attracting foreign investors to the country.


  • Abba shanono
    Fri 3rd Nov, 2017

    I like such a great way of exploring new ideas and experiences to the people of our communities and country in general. Our culture is a great value to our economy but we don't see it that way neither our government nor the communities...

  • Sulaiman I Bukar
    Mon 6th Nov, 2017

    I love this, in this dire economy when our country and our people needs more ways of exploring opportunities, this type of information is very essential.

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