Course_Detail: entreLEADTrack Advance


From the CEO


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Course Overview

"The course combines two intereleted concepts; The entrepreneurship and The Leadership. A successful entreneur is one who leads by example. We must use a systematic approach of entreLEADERSHIP in order to be successful entrepreneurs. In this course, participants will learn various skills in entrepreneurship, personal development, time management, creativity, strategic thinking, innovation, self discipline, and leadership"


This course introduces students to the concept of entrepreneurship; in an attempt to achieve the paradigm shift from learning how to work in business organisations, to learning how to create and develop business organisations. The course involves many activities that will task students to scrutinize the environment around them, explore opportunities, and develop valuable ideas; and to be more useful to their families, teachers, friends, and the community at large.


To prepare our youths for transition from the age of information and communication technology to the age of creation intensification.


Mode of Teaching

Interactive sessions, riddles, puzzles, film shows, fables etc.