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Bridge to Brighter Future (BBF):

This is a fully fledged program in where we engage secondary schools and offer their students entrepreneurship & leadership training program. The project is amied at delivering 2 hours per week. The courses taught under this project are:

  • Intro entreneurship
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Time Management
  • Leadership
  • Personal Development


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The entreLEADchange track

This is also a standard course of study under the supervision of the centre for African entrepreneurship research and training (CAERT). We have done pilots before and the program turned out to be extremely marketable. We have divided it into four parts under our new entreLEADchange institute study centre; 1st part is for secondary school graduates mainly, 2nd part is for higher institution students/graduates, the 3rd part is for the working class intrapreneurs & business people, and the 4th part is that of special courses. It is meant to be our most profitable project.



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This is the planned human capacity development hub that will host our grand entreLEADchange secondary school, university, incubators, laboratories, and our nerve center/headquarters.  


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